Seasonal Farm Workers

should apply by the first week of May to attend our hops field crew Season Orientation taking place on Saturday, May 12th at 6am.

CL Hop Farms, LLC is currently hiring seasonal farm workers for the 2018 growing season. Seasonal workers are on call early April to mid August for field work in our hop yards. No experience necessary, though farmers with 3 years or more of field work are encouraged to apply as crew leaders by February of each year.  Paid training at minimum wage lasts up to 2 weeks while mastering skills necessary to keep our hops in pristine condition. Hiring wages for machine operators, crew leaders and supervisor positions commensurate with experience.

Shifts begin at 6am sharp, transporation to field provided. Valid drivers license encouraged. Must be able to lift 50 lbs and prove physical fitness for enduring heat, wind, cold & wet.

First Three Weeks of May, expect up to 70 hour work weeks. Rain or shine, wind or hail, we grow hops. Prune them, Carp them, Sing to them, Water them, Feed them, Protect them, Encourage them to grow. Discourage the weeds, Fight the heat, Conquer the pests and Maintain the hopyard. Shifts work 24/7 to meet Mother Nature’s short window of growing hops in Illinois.

This job may not be for you if…

  • you like to sleep in (6am start)
  • you like to get to bed early (often work past sundown)
  • you’re afraid of bugs & snakes (it’s a farm.)
  • you get itchy skin every time the wind blows during pollen season (farm = straw, cut grass, grain dust, ragweed)
  • you like sit down, hot lunches (blessed when a shade tree is near the field to eat our paper sack lunches on the fly)
  • you get exhausted running to the mailbox (we walk miles and miles of hops each day)
  • you’re don’t like to sweat (take this job and you’ll save your summer gym membership dues)
  • you only wear flip flops during the summertime (rough terrain, lots of steps = work boots, long sleeves, long pants)
CL Hop Farms, LLC is an equal opportunity employer. We operate a drug free environment, including prescription drugs and nicotine due to operating machinery and on-site fuel tanks. All employees are subject to random drug testing.