My name is Rebecca and this is my first year working on the farm with hops. I am a hobby gardener with the hopes of growing enough to feed my family. My love for gardening started at a young age. I spent my summer in the garden with both sets of grandparents. The steady flow of fresh food was something I did not fully appreciate until I was older. Now, that I am a mother to 5, food has become a center point for me. While hops itself is not a food crop, learning how to work the earth from experienced farmers is a wonderful advantage to this job. I have grown to understand the importance of knowing where crops are sourced and how they are grown. In learning these things I came to understand how this changes flavor and the profile of crops. Hops, in particular, can be used many different ways in brewing. Each way changes the end product. It feels very important to be at the beginning stages of this process. I am looking forward to learning even more in the next growing season and seeing how our plants improve with each year. Production was well above expectations this season. Next year holds even greater ends.